Designing Warriors of Virtue Cover Art Part 04

(A.K.A. Schoolism Pictorial Composition Week 05)

If you cannot see the embedded video:

In this video I begin by designing a star brush. To save my brush I choose Edit > Save Brush Preset. The key to creating a brush in Photoshop is to remember that the brushes should be designed in Grayscale (or only using Black on a White background).  What is black will be 100% opaque. Gray is relatively opaque; the closer to the black the more opaque it becomes. White is transparent.

The greatest trouble I have when painting digitally is that I do not know how to reproduce the brushstrokes I can create with my physical brushes. For now, I have selected a round brush. I’m also trying to keep the transparency of paint there by shrinking the opacity to about 86%. For my next round, I may try to keep the brush opacity also relative to pen pressure sensitivity.

In Schoolism Pictorial Composition Week 05 Lesson, Fowkes showed us several ways of painting digitally. I was debating whether to paint everything in Grayscale first then colour it, but in the end, I decided to try the Local Colour + Form + Light approach.

Let’s hope this experiment works out, otherwise I’ll have to start painting from scratch and maybe try the Grayscale + Colouring  + Light approach.

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Her latest published work is Animals In My Hair; a story about a boy who goes for his first haircut only to find endangered animals falling out of his hair.

Currently, Mili is working on her first ever illustrated Fantasy novel, Warriors of Virtue, about a reluctant princess who must prevent a war with the dragon-people, while keeping her mission a secret from her over-protective mother.

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