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Inspired by Tom Bancroft’s MerMay, I’ve decided to continue the project of creating one drawing per day for the month of July. My Instagram Followers came up with MythoJuly; I would draw the winner as their favourite mythological character or creature.

In addition to being a lot of fun, I loved the idea that I could portray ordinary people as extraordinary. Just like the Dove commercials, this project reinforced that everyday people are beautiful. With all the sorrows constantly broadcasted by news channels, I not only wanted to entertain my followers, but hoped to show beauty in diversity. Growing up in Toronto, it is what I love best about my city. It pains me to see people not getting along due to differences in race and religion. I find it is more important than ever to remember that we are people of earth (Earthians — Earthlings sounds too childish) and that we are on this planet together. I did not choose who I was going to paint, or what character or creature they wanted to become. However, throughout MythoJuly I found beauty in everyone I painted, and gained knowledge I did not posses.

What was difficult was the challenge of creating a watercolor painting every single day — especially considering that I’ve recently had eye surgery. I had a single day to research, sketch, and paint an 11 x 14 inch painting. This project was suppose to be comprised of quick ink sketches with splashes of color — like MerMay — however, the Perfectionism Curse struck and instead of sketches, I spent at least 8 hours every day creating a watercolor painting.

Just like a mother loves all her children, I love all the paintings I created. I find that everything I create contains a little pice of me, a tiny bit of my soul. Nevertheless, some paintings are better than others, but I’ll let you decide which.

I hope you enjoy viewing the images, as much as I’ve enjoyed painting them.

Until next time,

Mili Fay

August 19, 2017


Saurabh Nigam

Advaiak's intense devine dance.

Advaika’s intense devine dance.
You can find more of Saurabh Nigam’s artwork on Instagram and on Facebook.

Denise DeBiasi-Costantino


You can find more of Denise’s artwork on her Website, Tumblr and Instagram.


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