Mili Fay progress painting "The Phantom of the Opera Inktober 2016 Sketchbook" cover art.

Do you need an avatar, a character, an illustration, a traditionally or digitally painted portrait…? I can do all these and more.

I am not just an award winning artist, I’m an author, self-publisher who uses XHTML to markup and build my own books, and a singer. I only accept work I love and give 100% to everything I create. I strive for perfection, but do not settle for anything less than excellence.

The people I work with are passionate about their projects and are not afraid to fight for their dreams. They value their own time and that of their team. They are committed to making this world a better place one artwork a time, by bringing a positive message and hopeful outlook to the world.

I work mainly in the G/PG Rated World. Though I do not mind creating tasteful nudes, please do not ask me to create obscene or offensive work. Before considering me for your project, take a look through my galleries. I like to work with characters and other living organisms and fantasy creatures. Though I do not mind including the following as part of a background for a character painting, I am not interested in creating architecture drawings, robots, machines, props, etc.

If you’ve never worked with an illustrator/artist before, I recommend you read the following articles:

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Mili Fay’s Kindle Cover Art Example:

Warriors of Virtue Epic YA Fantasy Series Episode 6 Cover Art

Total Fee: $900 at $40/h
$300 Research and Roughs
$600 Painting

My rate is $25-$40/h (US), depending on the copyright license.* Please note, because of their private nature, portraits are exclusively $40/hour. Find out more about MFA Portraits here.

Contact me with the following information: the details of your project, your budget, and the deadline. I will get back to you with a rough estimate and my terms. I will not work for free; you will be expected to pay a deposit, before I begin to work.

I accept payment via PayPal.

Thank you for your consideration,

Mili Fay
April 18, 2017

* $25/h — I retain full copyright and get 15% of the profits from the project, the customer gets a time-limited exclusive license; $40/h — I’m acknowledged as the artist, the customer gets full copyright. I’m open to negotiation for hourly rates in between the two extremes.