NEW: Every Girl Is A Princess

“ I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress in rags. Even if they aren’t pretty, or smart, or young. They’re still princesses. All of us.”
A Little Princess (1995)

As a little girl, of course I wanted to be a princess. However, it was only after hearing the quote above that I realized I already was. It is then that I understood that being a princess is not about wearing pretty clothes and a tiara, but about acting like a princess. From that day to the present, when I’m faced with challenges, I fall back on the core values I’ve learned from princesses to guide my actions.

For a while now, I wanted to create a project to celebrate princesses that have influenced my character, and to somehow use this project to help women and girls in our society. The simplest way to do this is by donating profits to a charity, but which one?

I do not have all the details figured out yet, but I do know the kind of artwork I wish to create. With Every Girl Is A Princess I decided to combine my love of fairy tales, movies, Disney, Mucha, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco to create a series of illustrations as a manifesto of core values I’ve learned from observing popular fairy-tale princesses.

Every Girl Is A Princess series: The Little Mermaid by Mili Fay

“I will fight for the impossible dreams.”The Little Mermaid (working title) This is the first finished piece in the Every Girl Is A Princess series.

Though this project focuses on princesses, it is not intended only for girls. These values belong to everyone. Lately, princesses have been given a bad reputation. It has been suggested that girls should not be encouraged to play as princesses, because they would grow up dependent, waiting for the prince to rescue them. “Balderdash,” I say. If fairy tales, and Disney classic movies have taught me anything is that princesses and princess rescue each other.

Regardless of its size, I believe that each of us is responsible for a kingdom of our own. I further believe that only by acting as princes and princesses do we grow up to rule our lives as Kings and Queen.

If you have any suggestions, or would like to join me in creating more artwork for this project, don’t hesitate to contact me.

You can follow my progress and win some of the artwork on Instagram, or stay tuned for future updates. Thanks for reading!

Mili Fay

February 21, 2017

Be humble, for you are made of earth. Be noble, for you are made of stars.
— Serbian Proverb