THE LORD OF THE RINGS: “FANtasy Character Designs” Project

I’m searching for all the fantasy fans in the world. For this purpose, I have decided to create “Fan Fantasy Character Designs”. In the coming months, I will try* to design a fantasy character from a selected fantasy universe once every 2 weeks.

Fans voted and the first universe will be J. R. R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of The Rings”.

The characters will be 2D, fully coloured, on a plain background. I will be working with Wacom Cintiq Companion. Therefore, from the first sketch to the last image the art will be digital.

 I have downloaded EZVid and will record my progress. If YouTube allows, you will be able to watch me create each character stroke by stroke. I will also publish a quick Time Lapse video for those of you who are not interested in seeing the full progression of the art.


  1. You can join Mili Fay Art Fan Club to receive a 1024px wide JPEG file of each character design for FREE.
  2. You can follow my progress on Mili Fay Art Facebook Page, Twitter (#FANtasy) and DeviantArt.
  3. As I am finishing the design, on my blog I will ask which of the characters you would like to see me design next. The FIRST person to respond in the comments will win; I will design the character of their choice, and they will get a POSTER SIZE full-resolution of the design for FREE. The rest of the fans will be able to purchase the full resolution PDF image for $1 on Launch Week (the first week the image becomes available for sale), then the price will be raised to $3. Once the following design is out, the price of the previous will be raised to $5.

All the money I earn from this project will go towards publishing my first, fully illustrated, fantasy novel: “Warriors of Virtue” . 

Join Mili Fay Art Fan Club if you wish to participate in the FANtasy Character Designs Project:


Thank you for your support!

<3 M

NOTE: The first character will be Balrog–Durin’s Bane

* I wrote “try”, because this is a side project and my work has to come first.


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