Designing Legolas: Part 01

I’m considering the future design of Legolas. I would love to make him look like Orlando Bloom, because I cannot picture another’s face on Legolas, but would this be legal? I have seen many Orlando Bloom caricatures of Legolas selling all over Comic Con, so maybe it’s not? I have not made up my mind regarding this step yet.  Perhaps, I’ll make my Legolas look less like a human and more like an elf. Orlando Bloom is very much a human with elf’s ears. You’ll just have to wait and see.

I thought about different scenes where Legolas stands out in the movies. I LOVE the scene where he walks on snow. I like him surfing down the steps. I like his acrobatics in The Hobbit,…

Nevertheless, I have always seen Legolas as a character apart from the other members of The Fellowship. Elves of all the creatures of Middle Earth seem the least earthbound. They have an etherial quality to them. Therefore, even though Legolas develops a close friendship with Gimli, I always felt that he was kind of lonely, missing others of his kind. I feel that eventually Legolas became more earthy and a part of The Fellowship, but in the beginning, I fear he was very much alone.

When thinking of him, a design that was imprinted on my mind was Legolas standing atop of a giant tree, balancing on the slimmest of topmost branches, looking out at the horizon stretching before him. He carries his trusty bow at his side, while birds fly about him.

Legolas design rough sketches.

Designing Legolas Greenleaf from “The Lord of the Rings”

I did not want another character where all we see is the side view of the character’s face, but somehow this is how I see Legolas, and I’m no longer willing to fight with my psyche just so I could force out an image with a three-quarter view of the face. There comes a time an artist just has to accept the images flowing through his/her mind and put them on paper as they insist they should be.Have you created your own characters in the past? What kind of issues were you commonly facing? How did you overcome them?

I would love to see what you think, so feel free to comment at will. As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

All the best!


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