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Fantasy Character Designer: Online Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Have you ever wished for a professional character designer to design you as a character? If your answer is “yes”, here is your chance to win a fantasy character design in the Elle Burton Style.

Warriors of Virtue Logo

This Saturday (September 10, at 5AM Central Time) my interview with Peggy M. McAloon goes live. I’ve met Peggy Maud McAloon in D’vorah Lanskey’s Book Marketing Challenge, and though we’ve never met in person, I feel like I’ve known her forever. I admire her greatly and when she asked me to illustrate the cover for her rather unique Elle Burton fantasy series, I could not say “no” (even though I’m not looking for work, because I’m desperately trying to finish Warriors of Virtue before the clock runs out).

Peggy M. McAloon and the first two books in her Elle Burton Series.

Peggy M. McAloon and the first two books in the unique fantasy series about a little girl who (with the help of magical Fiori) solves terrible problems facing children today and faces against the terrifying Zorins.

Once the interview goes live on Peggy’s blog, you can find out more about Peggy, our collaboration, my process, and a fun-fact that is not well-known about me. At the end, I’ve issued an Online Scavenger Hunt challenge. The first person to complete this challenge wins an original design of themselves (or whomever they choose) designed in the Elle Burton Style. To complete this challenge all you’ll need is some patience, the ability to comment on social media, and to know how to cut and paste URLs. For the winner I will draw, clean-up, color, and light a full-body, three-quarter character against a simple background. (Note: If I was to charge for this service it would cost several hundred dollars.)

Make sure to follow the instructions exactly and join Peggy and me this Saturday for some online fun here.



Mili Fay--Portrait by Catia Da Costa of CDC Photography


Mili Fay, an award winning artist, trained as a classical animator at Sheridan College, but when computer animation took over the field, she decided that she loved drawing more than animating. In November of 2011 she created Mili Fay Art determined to support the world one artwork at a time. Today, she passionately creates imaginative artwork and stories, always graced with a humorous modern twist.

Currently, Mili is working on an epic YA fantasy series, Warriors of Virtue, about a reluctant princess, Lauraliee, who learns to become a queen as she defends Ardan from dragon-people (people who turn into dragons).

Warriors of Virtue Episode 3 Cover ArtWarriors of Virtue Episode 2 Cover ArtWarriors of Virtue Episode 1 Cover Art
“Together we support the world one artwork at a time.”
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