About Mili Fay Art

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To create imaginative artworks and entertaining stories that bring joy and adventure into everyday lives, and donate 30% of profits to altruistic organisations. As Mili Fay Art grows, I’ll invite other artists to join me and together we’ll support the world one artwork at a time!

Mili Fay’s Awards, Qualifications, and Projects’ Successes

For awards, qualification, and projects’ successes see: Who is Mili Fay?

Why Mili Fay Art? How did it all begin?

Click here if you wish to find out what led me to create Mili Fay Art.

Projects for Altruistic Organisations

  • Horsing Around Limited Edition Prints were created to raise funds for local children’s hospitals.
  • Animals In My Hair artwork book was created to entertain and educate children, and to raise funds for the Toronto Zoo’s Global Conservation and Breeding Program.
  • Warriors of Virtue will raise funds to promote inclusion and tolerance. After the projects is further along, I’ll be looking for an organisation to support.
  • New: Every Girl Is A Princess will raise funds to help women and girls. I’m currently looking for an organization to support.

Thank You

Mili Fay Art is Mili Fay. Everything you see, I have created. However, I too need help from time to time. Click here to find out about all the people and businesses deserving of my everlasting gratitude.

And thank YOU for reading.

If you have any questions please contact me online. You may follow the progress of my work on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, or join Mili Fay Art Fan Club.


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Updated: March 4, 2018