Mili Fay Art History

In November of 2011 I registered Mili Fay Art as a business.

I never intended to run my own business.

My dream was to get a job as a classical animator at the Disney Studio; I have worked and planned for this future since I was 12 years old! However, you may have heard the saying: “Women plan. Fates laugh.” In my second year of college Disney announced that they would be shutting down their classical animation department.

NEVER, NOT ONCE in my wildest dreams did I imagine a future where we would live in a world where classical animation at Disney would not exist. Unlike some of my classmates who did not know which branch of animation to choose, I always knew I wanted to animate by hand. Seeing my drawings come to life, breathe, interact with other characters… It made me feel as powerful as a goddess. Suddenly, that option was no longer possible and I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

I could storyboard — I kind of like directing?

I could design characters?

Concept art? Yeah, right! Even I knew that position required some massive connections—like maybe being on the first name basis with the president of the United States.

Computer animation? Noooooooo,  thank you!

Adrift in a sea of indecision for the first time in my life, I felt lost.  It took years of drifting, trying this, trying that, before I figured out that I love drawing more than animating. It nearly broke my heart to admit it, but it is the truth. I also love stories. EURIKA, I will become a top-notch writer and illustrator!

I spent more years trying to break into THAT field, but no matter what I did I couldn’t figure out a way into the club; I worked for less than minimum wage to get “experience” only to be told that I did not get the right KIND of experience.

In 2011, I snapped. I decided that if THEY will not let me join them, I’m going to beat them.

In November of 2011 I registered my business. As you have seen I have never intended to run my own business.

All my life, I have trained to be a follower and now I have to be a leader?!!! What do I know about running a business? I’m an artist. I draw pretty pictures. I tell stories to make people happy! I am NOT a business person!!!

Breathe. Roll up your sleeves and become one.

In high school, I was the quietest and shyest kid.  In college I joined the student council to train myself to speak in front of other people. I HATED talking on the phone. I had this unreasonable fear of calling people; for years I had my mom or my sister call people in my place.  Now, I have to become a brilliant business woman and sell myself along with my idea to the world!

I’m still trying to figure out the business side of things. I do not have a working business machine, but my idea is sound. I want to share my gifts with the world. I want to help others in need. I want to save the beauty of traditional illustration in our ever-growing digital world.