Thank You!

Mili Fay Art is Mili Fay. Everything you see, I have created. However, I would not be here if it were not for the following people:

  • When I need my books edited I call upon the best editor in the world, Nemanja Protić.
  • When I was desperate to look good in front of a camera, Catia Da Costa of CDC Photography was there.
  • Shannon Lanigan, for stepping in when I needed a copy editor.
  • Animals In My Hair was printed by Sure Print & Design.
  • At local fairs, I can usually be seen with my sister, Nina, or one of my friends.
  • I am grateful to Michelle Mattern and other local vending organisers for selecting my work for their shows.
  • I am further grateful to the Toronto Zoo, Book City, Toronto Public Library, and Market Jolly for all of their help and support.
  • My family and friends are the rock foundation supporting my dreams. Thank you!