New Art!

Whenever Mili Fay creates new artwork featuring animals, she will add the new artwork to the download folder. At this time Mili is working on books featuring people and fantasy creatures, but there will be more animals in the future.


Animals In My Hair Art Contest 2013

In 2013, for three months, Mili Fay held an art contest where she would use the winner’s inspirational artwork to create a painting of her own. You can view the work by participating artists below and download Mili Fay’s artwork by clicking on the button above.

August 2013


by Mili Fay | August 2013 | Prize

Toucan on a Branch

by G. Dharshini | August 2013 | Winner

July 2013


by Mili Fay | July 2013 | Prize

Hippo at a Waterhole

by G. Dharshini | July 2013

And the Beak Goes On

by Jay Norman | July 2013 | Winner


by Meighan Perry | July 2013

June 2013

The Fox

by Mili Fay | June 2013 | Prize

Animal Parade Tiger Head

by Traci Van Wagoner | June 2013

Baby Seal

by Michelle Monty | June 2013

Bear, Squirrel, and Fox

by Barbara Jelenkovich | June 2013 | Winner

Red Panda

by Inge Leonora den Ouden | June 2013

Sea Turtles

by Andrew McGeachy | June 2013


by Jay Norman | June 2013