My natural style is a combination of realism and animation, best reflected in the MerMay and MythoJuly projects. When working I study the project’s requirements then push my style in the necessary direction. For example, the National Geographic illustration of the Emperor Trajan (see Portraits) required realism, while the cover art for Peggy M. McAloon’s Elle Burton series required a more graphic approach to appeal to the Middle Grade audience.

This collection of artwork is not my portfolio. It includes some of the older pieces dating back to 2006. The reason for this is that I wish for the art students visiting my website to see how my work has grown and changed throughout the years, and also to see how it continues to grow and change.

My work appears eclectic, because as a trained animator I never lost my love for pushing my style. I want to keep my work changing and growing as I change and grow. If you wish to consider me for your project, please contact me with the details and I will happily cater a portfolio to suite your needs.

Latest Project

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Every Girl Is A Princess

Inspired by Time’s Up movement, I’ve decided to create a series of paintings as a manifesto of core values I’ve learned from fairy tale and Disney’s princesses. Each watercolor and ink illustration is inspired by a movie actress. I hope to use the series to put on my first ever solo gallery exhibition and raise funds for a women’s shelter in Toronto, Canada. Find out more about this project on Every Girl Is A Princess Page.

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