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“I do not copy photographs. I capture imagination and memories.”
— Mili Fay


For your convenience, I have updated my Etsy Store. There you will be able to determine if I’m available for a new commission and choose from the most commonly requested portrait options. Shipping is free within Canada and USA.

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About Mili Fay Art Portraits

My career as a portrait artist began at fourteen. With over 20 years of experience, painting portraits in a variety of mediums and styles, I value my client’s privacy above everything else. My clients may share their portraits with the world, but I will NEVER do so.

The portraits you see here were created as gifts for my family and friends, articles, and as a result of promotional contests.

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Traditionally, I work in watercolor, ink, acrylic, pencil, or the combination of the said mediums on paper, canvas, or board.

Digitally, I work with a Cintiq Companion in Photoshop CS5 or Clip Studio Paint.

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My rate is $50/h (US). You will be expected to pay a deposit. I do not work for free.

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For a personal quote, please contact me with the following information:

  1. The number of subjects (people and animals) you wish me to paint.
  2. The size of the painting.
  3. The medium (materials) you would like me to use.
  4. The deadline for the painting.
  5. Do you have your own photographer/photographs?

I will review your case and will send you a reply with the projected date of your portrait’s completion, as well as the estimated cost.

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Photographic Reference

At this time, I work exclusively from photographs. I believe the human body is beautiful, and as a professional artist, I do not mind working from a tastefully nude model. However, please do not ask me to work from an obscene, violent, sexually explicit, or any other kind of photograph that is considered offensive.

I will keep your photograph and your portrait 100% private. You will need to sign a release form proving you have the rights to the reference photographs and are giving me permission to use them.

As always, if you have further questions feel free to contact me.

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Mili Fay
Toronto | July 16, 2019