If you thought that Mili Fay Art Website has more pages than are visible on the menu, you are right! In the Drop-down Menu I’ve included only the most important pages. Here you will find a list of all pages, even those that are password protected and are only available to customers of a specific product. Mili Fay Art Blog has many posts. You can navigate to the post that peaks your interest by searching through the CATEGORIES listed in the Side-bar Menu.

Mili Fay Art Sitemap

Welcome Page: Featuring a slide-show showcasing some Mili Fay Art projects and services.

New: Every Girl Is A Princess

Every Girl Is A Princess Art Print Shop

Every Girl Is A Princess Art Print Shop FAQ

Every Girl Is A Princess Artwork Story

Commissions: Here you will find how you can hire me for your projects.

Art and Stories: Here you will find Mili Fay’s past projects. select an image to find out more about:

Warriors of Virtue Epic YA Fantasy Series

Warriors of Virtue Shop

MythoJuly 2017 A series of watercolor paintings featuring mythological characters or creatures I created for the winners of the Instagram Contest.

MerMay 2017 A series of sketches featuring merpeople I created for the winners of the Instagram Contest.

The Phantom of the Opera Inktober 2016 Sketchbook

Artist’s Editon Password Protected bonus page.

Animals In My Hair, a very unique picture book you do not want to miss.

Animals In My Hair Membership available to customers and password protected:

Animals In My Hair Animals, more information about each animal found in the book
Visual-Puzzles, answers to Visual-Puzzles found in the book
Animals In My Hair Coloring Pages
Animals In My Hair Monthly Contest Images

Cover Art and Designs I created — Old and New

Portraits, a sample of work spanning eight years

Horsing Around, a project dedicated to children

Mini-MEs, a fun project featuring famous characters, actors, athletes, and other stars

École Napoléon, a small sample of over 365 illustrations I created for the school

Variety of artwork and projects that stand alone

Sketches, some of my favorite sketches of all time.

Mili Fay Art Blog

About Mili Fay Art Main Page

Who is Mili Fay? Short Biography, Honors and Awards, Education, Published Works, Travelling and Hobbies
Mili Fay Art History, find out more about how and why I decided to create Mili Fay Art
Thank You! a page where I show my gratitude
Privacy Policy Mili Fay Art’s Privacy Policy

Contact Page

Mili Fay Art Shop

Shop Policies

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Mili Fay
April 23, 2017