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Mili Fay 2014
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War, death, a series of unfortunate events… Mili Fay loves schedules and order, but life decided to teach her chaos management. Graduating from Sheridan College, she dreamed of being a classical animator, working in a studio surrounded by artists and creators. Life had other plans. It led her to create Mili Fay Art and produce her own art and stories with the vision of advocating for inclusion, environmental sustainability and quality education.

After caregiving and freelancing as an illustrator and portrait painter, Mili is finally in a position to commit to a studio lifestyle. Mili loves stories and has travelled the world, rediscovering familiar characters and always looking forward to the ones she has yet to meet. She believes that great storytelling can heal our world and would love to be a part of a team who shares this vision. Her favourite tales have comedy, action, adventure and a lot of heart.

Optimism, curiosity and childlike wonder drive her existence. Currently, Mili is seeking storyboarding opportunities.

Select Awards

  • Special Merit Award from The Marketer Magazine’s Art Competition (2020)
  • First Place Professional Winner from Art Instruction Schools in Minneapolis (2015)
  • Animals in my Hair awarded presentation at INSPIRE! Toronto International Book Fair (2014) out of 700+ international submissions
  • Short-listed by Neil Gaiman — A Calendar of Tales (2013)
  • Second Place Winner from Art Instruction Schools in Minneapolis (2008)
  • Finalist Award from Art Instruction Schools in Minneapolis (2006)
  • Semi Finalist, TELETOON Animation Scholarship Award—Continuing Education (2004)
  • John M. McNeill Memorial Award nominee from Sheridan College (2003)
  • Semi-finalist of the TELETOON Animation Scholarship Award—Mature Student (2002)
  • Charles Schulz ½ Scholarship Award from Art Instruction Schools in Minneapolis (2002)

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