Designing Warriors of Virtue Cover Art Part 07 & 08

by Dec 14, 2015Art Projects

(A.K.A. Schoolism Pictorial Composition Week 05)

Video 07: If you cannot see the embedded video:

Video 08: If you cannot see the embedded video:

In these videos I continue to paint. I’m trying to figure out how to flesh out and round the character, while maintaining brushstrokes. I find it rather difficult, because digital paint does not behave like actual paint. If I want to add a shadow, it comes on too strong, and I cannot suddenly feather my brush to blend the line into the paint. Instead, I pick up the near colour with the Eye Dropper Tool (by pressing Alt while I’m still using the paintbrush) then I hope that by keeping my strokes on the Cintiq light and feathery the colours would somehow blend.

I find that the brush I’m using has too hard edges. However, when I select a soft brush, it has too soft edges. I can’t seem to find a happy medium, but if I can figure out how to paint the main character’s face, everything else should be easy. 🙂

I think I’ll devote the next two days to editing the book, so that maybe I can come at the painting with fresh eyes and a rested brain.

Until then…