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Are you #novembernaughty or #novembernice?

Are you looking for that perfect gift? I am obsessed with finding perfect gifts. Honestly, I think Santa Claus has the best job in the world. There is nothing like the feeling of watching someone’s face when they open that perfect gift; they start crying, then I start crying, there is hugging, and laughing, and… Well, it’s what happiness feels like. Now, a perfect gift does not have to be purchased. It can be made.

My favorite present I ever received from my sister was a home-made card where she miss-spelled Happy (“Hapy” — we are immigrants, but really? 🤨.) and told me how much she loved me. Just as she got all the athletic genes, I got all the creative ones — my sister cannot draw a stickman. Art critic would sneer so hard at that card, they would likely dislocate their noses. However, for me it is the thought that counts. (I’m tearing up just thinking about that card, FYI!) I was 18, and I still have that card hanging on my wall. And I would not part with it for all the money in the world… Well, maybe if someone offered enough money for me to purchase my sister a clinic. That would totally be worth it!

Mili Fay's favorite gift.

My sister gave me this card for my 18th birthday. It’s my favorite gift to this day.

My other favorite gift she gave me for New Year’s Day the year I got into Sheridan Animation. It was a cell reproduction of The Little Mermaid singing on the rock. As children, my sister and I reenacted that scene daily for years! The drawing is not a copy of the actual cell used, which made me feel cheated. Glen Keane drew that scene.

Ariel singing on the rock limited edition animation cell.

My sister spent $600 on this present at the time. All her savings!

Part of your world reprise movie still.

The actual cell used in the movie (from Glen Keane’s original animation) has way more movement and is so much better.

I do not know why Disney felt someone else’s drawing would look better, because it does not. In fact, at this stage I think I could draw Ariel better, but the memories that image brings is priceless. Though, at the time the framed cell did have a substantial price: $600 for a fake reproduction (all my sister’s savings). Really, Disney?!!!

The point I’m trying to make is that I really appreciate perfect gifts. However, being an independent artist, these days I do not have the time to make, or cash to purchase perfect gifts for my family and friends. Working independently, all the money I earn goes back to resuscitating my flailing business, and I spend all my free time: working!

“So, this is Christmas, and what have you done?”

Every time I hear these words (and yes, the stores are playing Christmas songs even though it is not yet November!), I feel a stab to my heart. I feel as if I could be better, and as if I could have done more.

I also feel the pain of not being able to conjure up that perfect gift. Am I alone? I think not.

Therefore, with great trepidation, I’ve decided to try something I have not done before. I’ve decided to at least create perfect gifts for my fans. This pre-Holiday season, I will be #novembernice. For those of you who don’t know what it is, #novembernice is the movement by artists (and others) to help exhausted holiday shoppers find that perfect gift for less. For everyone else, it is a chance to remind themselves to be kinder and nicer to others. In return we all get to rack up last minute candy cane points to please Santa (or star, or candle points for whatever supernatural being watches over your personality during the year).

I’m offering 30 (Are 30 too many?) Gift Certificates for 11 x 14 original artwork commission for 80% off (maybe even more than 80% off). In the past, I sold these for $500+, depending on the medium and content. Now, I’m offering an original painting, drawing, etc. for $100. I know artists who sell unlimited, reproduction art prints for more. Am I being crazy, to commit myself for that tiny wage? I will basically be working for a wage that is well below minimum wage, maybe even below sweatshop wage. 🤯

However, if I can make at least one person happy with their gift-giving, I think it will be worth it. Imagine if everyone just helped one person in their life… Maybe my dream of living on the Star Trek TNG Earth (where there are no wars and people get along and are free to pursue their lives as they see fit) might come around in my lifetime.

Click the button for details, and if you would like me to create the artwork before this Holiday Season, contact me ASAP.

Are you #novembernice or #novembernaughty? Let me now in the comments how you intend to brighten someone’s life this Holiday Season. If you are an artist, or a shop owner, slashing your prices like crazy: share! I’m still searching for perfect gifts. 😇

Happy pre-Holiday season and good luck!



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#InktoberContest 2017 on Instagram

#InktoberContest 2017 RULES

Wonder Woman: Mili Fay Art Instagram Contest Poster

The hashtag for this event is #InktoberContest please use it when you are commenting about the artwork. #InktoberContest is part of #inktober, a global even where artists are encouraged to create artwork using traditional ink-based tools during the month of October.

My idea is to create ink line-art and color the final image digitally, blending both the traditional and digital mediums, as I have done in the Wonder Woman poster above.

This year I’ve hosted #MerMay and #MuthoJuly contests on Instagram. The rules for this event are similar. THE FIRST PERSON TO COMMENT ON MY INSTAGRAM POST WINS! Though I will try to post daily, my other obligations may prevent me, but I will try to post artwork either at 16:00 h or 19:00 h EDT. What I can promise is that this event will continue until there are 31 Contest Winners.

How it works:

Beginning with the artwork above, I will post an image on Instagram with Information beginning: “🗲 BE THE FIRST to comment, letting me know your favorite superhero/villain, and WIN an illustration of yourself as that character. 🗲”

The first Instagram Follower to comment wins!

The winner needs to send me a head shot, full body with head shot, and a photo of a handwritten note: “I, (full name), give Mili Fay of Mili Fay Art permission to use my image to create a (superhero/supervillain character of your choice). Date and Sign.” This information needs to be sent by 9:00 EDT the following day. The winner can do this via Instagram Direct Message (do not send me images that expire), or by adding images to a Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. folder and sending me a link to that folder via direct message. The clearer the image, the better I can capture you. I also need to see your hair and eye color. KEEP IT RATED G. Leave your clothes on. Do not make this contest creepy, or you will be disqualified.

Additional Rules:

NO DUPLICATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. If someone has already chosen the character of your choice, choose another one — I will not draw 2 Storms. Exception: One of you can choose Wonder Woman.

Please choose world acknowledged superheroes/villains. I think real life superheroes/villains surround us, but for this contest I’m drawing fantasy, made up superheroes/villains.

🌟 This contest is offered at my sole discretion and for fun. I’m under no legal obligations whatsoever. 🌟

The winner will receive: a low-resolution digitally perfected image they can share online, a high-resolution image of the drawing for printing, a Mili Fay Art Copyright License, and a free Kindle Sketchbook of all the art. The winner will also be given an option to purchase the original ink line-art at a significant discount, US$70 (free shipping to Canada and US), prior to its being offered to the public.

Note: I am the sole copyright owner of my creation and can do with it what I will.

If the winner does not send the images by the time indicated above, and the runner up cannot be contacted, I will draw a superhero/supervillain character of my choice.

THIS CONTEST IS OPEN TO EVERYONE INCLUDING THE MERMAY2017 and MYTHOJULY2017 CONTEST WINNERS. If you are under the legal age, by entering this contest you agree that you have your parent’s or guardian’s consent to do so. You also need your parent/guardian to sign your image release note. I will not share your images with anybody and will delete them in due time.

By entering the contest you acknowledge that you have read all the rules and that you will abide by them.

Thank you for reading and thank you for following.

Mili Fay
October 1st, 2017


Why should I have all the fun? Join me in creating an #inktober sketch per day if you are up to the challenge.

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