Defending the Land of Ardan, a reluctan princess grows into a Queen.


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July 18, 2022

I am currently querying agents for Warriors of Virtue: Book I.

Additionally, I’m Storyboarding the trailer for the book and putting together a pitch packages, since I always intended for this story to become an animated TV series. You can follow my progress on my new Instagram Page.

Maiden and the Dragon

Maiden and the Dragon is Mili Fay’s original Warriors of Virtue fairytale that tells the origin story of the dragon-people. Available for free to the Mili Fay Art Fan Club Members. You need a password to access this page.

Book 1 Back-Cover Blurb

Between the surface world, the Overworld, and the Underworld is the Land of Ardan, a haven for all magical species of Earth, whose entrance is hidden deep beneath the Alps.

Born a future Queen of Ardan, sixteen-year-old Lauraiee Lumijer longs for a quiet, studious life far — far — away from the spotlight. But when murderous Dragon King Malachite returns from the dead and she learns that along with her younger cousin and sister she was chosen (in what must have surely been a fit of insanity) to stop him from another rampage, Lauraliee bids goodbye to a quiet life forever.

The cost for power to protect her family and her future Queendom is not much; just her everlasting soul.

Beneath the ancient apple tree, in a circular mosaic chamber, witnessed by all the stars in the universe, she binds her soul to the elemental spirit of water, gaining power over the element and the title Warrior of Virtue. Her cousin and sister follow, becoming the fire and wind warriors. Their first mission: Retrieve and destroy Malachite’s Blood Ruby, before he can use it to regain full strength and start a war.

Adventuring from one disaster to another, will these three teenagers save the Queendom, or will Lauraliee’s first leadership role prove to be her last?

Advanced Reader Copies (ARC)

Prior to publishing my work, I offer Advanced Reader Copies in exchange for an Honest Review (see below). Join Warriors of Virtue Review Crew Mailing List — you will need a working email. The moment the book becomes available, I will send you a copy. Since the number of advanced copies is limited, please join only if you like reading this kind of book.

Honest Review

There is no need for you to spend hours writing a formal review. What I’m looking for is a paragraph or two stating what you liked/didn’t like about the book. Please answer the question “Why?”. I appreciate constructive criticism. My editors and I are merely human. If you find a typo or a mistake, please let me know. You can email your review to:

Warriors of Virtue Giveaway!

Enter the Warriors of Virtue Giveaway (Coming Soon!).

Warriors of Virtue Sample

Read the first 10 pages of Warriors of Virtue. Includes illustrations.

Warriors of Virtue Encyclopedia

As I publish my work, I’m slowly creating a Warriors of Virtue Encyclopedia. I hope it will help me remember my own world, and that it will provide a quick reference for my readers.

Warriors of Virtue Collection

I had the idea of publishing the novel in episodes, thinking that in this way the readers would not need to wait too long for the upcoming episodes. However, life interfered with my plans. Below, you can see the cover art for the complete Book 1, as well as the cover art for the first 9 Episodes that make up Book 1. There will be 5 Books in this series.

To Warriors of Virtue Book 1 Page
To Warriors of Virtue Episode 1 Page
To Warriors of Virtue Episode 2 Page
To Warriors of Virtue Episode 3 Page
To Warriors of Virtue Episode 4 Page
To Warriors of Virtue Book 1 Page
To Warriors of Virtue Episode 1 Page
To Warriors of Virtue Episode 2 Page
To Warriors of Virtue Episode 3 Page
To Warriors of Virtue Episode 4 Page

Warriors of Virtue Gallery


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