Happy New Year 2016! Greeting Card and Gifts: Part 01

by Dec 30, 2015Art Projects

Video 01: If you cannot see the embedded video: https://youtu.be/QBHbkJtzuGc

I may have left it too late, but let us hope not. 🙂 I’ve been working very hard on editing my fantasy novel “Warriors of Virtue” that I’ve decided not to continue painting the cover while the writing juices are flowing. However, I cannot leave my loyal fans empty handed on New Year’s Day! I’m preparing some special gifts, and I do hope I finish the package on time, but if not all the members of the Mili Fay Art Fan Club will get my special “gift basket” sometime in January 2016. Just keep an eye on your email account.

The contents will be a surprise, but I’ll give you a hint: if you like fantasy, if you like to travel, and if you would like the greeting card I’m currently creating, you will like this gift.

Thank you again for sticking with me and encouraging me to become an even better writer and artist.

With love,