It’s Saturday, April 11th, 2020. Today I have been in self-isolation for 39 Days, because — unlike the rest of Canada — I had the misfortune of catching some kind of virus, possibly COVID-19, two weeks prior to the government instituted quarantine.

I’m not going to lie. The beginning of this week — five weeks in — has been tough. The anxiety and the awful feeling of being trapped enveloped me like a wrestler’s chokehold I could not break for days. I gained new insights. Now I know why trapped animals would chew of their legs to escape. I also know how it feels to be an animal at a zoo — minus the staring. To get fresh air I spend about an hour circling my back yard. As I walk, I am filled with resentment and gratitude. Resentment because I cannot see the cherry blossoms in High Park. Gratitude: at least I have a back yard.

I shudder just picturing the tiny apartments in Europe.

To survive Physical Distancing, I’ve mostly turned to art. I study art online, I attend the free SCBWI Workshops, I paint, I write, I organize, I watch Castle with my parents at night. I also try to stay positive and keep up morale. Therefore, I’m sharing some art with the world in hopes that it will brighten your quarantine.

Easter 2020

Easter Card 2020

Whenever I create projects, I try to improve or learn something. This greeting card is no exception. Not only is it an update on an old concept (I was very confused by the Easter Bunny upon arriving in Canada), but creating the artwork allowed me to test out my new Clip Studio Paint brushes.

Animals In My Hair

Hoping to provide hours of fun, I created a video version of my first picture book, Animals In My Hair. You can watch the video then download the bonus activity pages and artwork from my website. The video and pages will remain free until the quarantine ends.

Murdoch Mysteries #ToonMe Challenge

To practice digital painting, I created the Murdoch Mysteries #ToonMe Challenge. Using a photograph of the actor/actress I find online, I pain half of the photograph as their character. You can see the time lapse videos and the artworks completed to date on Instagram.

If you wish to participate in the next ToonMe Challenge, follow Mili Fay Art Instagram Account. Next theme is: Fantasy. Think of your favourite fantasy movie/TV show that is also a book. Keep an eye out for the suggestion and voting posts.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay creative!