Designing Warriors of Virtue Cover Art Part 02

by Dec 2, 2015Art Projects

(A.K.A. Schoolism: Pictorial Composition Week 05)


If you cannot see the embedded video:


In this second video I develop the sketches of the Fire and Wind Warriors, then I create another layer and begin working on my main character again. I’m thinking about her pose, clothes, hair, hair, hair, hair… It’s frustrating to figure out what kind of hair I should draw. Eventually, I went onto Google and entered “curly hair in the wind”. I found a picture that sort of looked like what I have in my head. I’m always amazed how what I can see in my head I cannot draw well without the aid of a visual reference. Why is that?After I did a decent job with the hair, I looked at the outfit and realized I need to find some reference for her clothing as well. The characters are wearing tunics over hose. I think they have bishop sleeves, because I want them to feel comfortable to swing a sword. Noting can be too tight. I also know they wear belts. However, I’m not sure what I should do with those belts. Should I add a sword? They do carry swords, but do they have to be in this picture, or should I make their swords appear as needed, so they do not have to lug them around–after all Ardan is full of magic. Then there are cloaks. These cloaks have hoods and are attached to the jewels on their chest. Should I be fancy with the jewel, or should I just let it be a plain stone in the oval setting? What does wearing a cloak actually look like? I do not want them covered by the cloaks. Should the cloak be folded back? But what would make it be folded back?

At this time, I really wish I knew more about clothing. I just hope that further research on Google will help me figure out how to draw what I need.

Until next time…