Designing Warriors of Virtue Cover Art Part 11

by Mar 17, 2016Art Projects

(A.K.A. Schoolism Pictorial Composition Week 05)

Video 11: If you cannot see the embedded video:

You an find out more about the  Warriors of Virtue fantasy series by clicking on the link.

In this video I continue to add form to the characters. I tend to add form by painting light and shadow areas. However, for the Schoolism Assignment I’ve been given a challenge of adding light and shadow digitally after painting everything without a definite source of light. You may note me deviate from this somewhat, but by the end of the video I think I have finally reached the lighting stage of the project.

In the second half of the video you can also watch as I paint Lord Malachite’s dragon eyes. I had quite the trouble blending the surfaces until I decided to mask the area and use a soft edge brush.

As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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