The Lord of the Rings Mini-ME: Strider

The Lord of the Rings Mini-ME: Strider

This week I’ve been to busy trying to create a .mobi file out of .epub for my Digital Publishing and Design final assignment. The .epub looks great, but .mobi’s formatting falls apart on iOS devices and some Kindles. I do not know why. I have contacted Amazon, but thus far have not received an answer. There is a new KF8 format that is replacing .mobi, so maybe I’ll use that to create Warriors of Virtue.

Sadly, I have also managed to accidentally pause the screen recorder so there is no Time-lapse video available this week.

My favourite moment with Strider is when he is hooded in Bree; the very first time we see him in the film. However, that moment hides his face so I chose the time when he defends the hobbits from Nazgul. I did take some liberties with his costume. Feel free to use this illustration as long as you give credit for the drawing to Mili Fay Art. Contact me for a higher resolution image.


Mili Fay