The Phantom of the Opera Inktober 2016 Sketchbook Launch Party: Scheduled Events

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Free Art

The Phantom of the Opera Sketchbook Cover Color Moods

Each of these will be available for download during the day of the event.

To thank everyone who helped me choose a mood for the final cover art, on the day of the event I’m making the other cover art options available, so that everyone can download their favourite.

The Party Discount

The day before the event, the day of the event, and the day after the event both the Regular Edition and Artist’s Edition will be selling for 50% off on Amazon. (Note: Because of Amazon’s policy making the Countdown Deal available only in US and UK, I will manually be changing the prices of the book. For this reason, you may not realise that the book is discounted. The Regular Edition will be on sale from $5.99 to $2.99 US; Artist’s Edition* from $9.99 to $4.99 US.)

Phantom Trivia Game

At the top of each hour I will post a question from The Phantom of the Opera novel by Gaston Leroux to test your Phantom knowledge. The first person to answer this question, wins The Phantom of the Opera Inktober 2016 Sketchbook. If you are the first to answer 3 questions in succession, you’ll win The Phantom of the Opera Inktober 2016 Sketchbook: Artist’s Edition*. You have 10 chances to win. You cannot win more than one book. Answer by Replying to the Question written as a comment at the bottom of the page. I will email you a gift code from Amazon. If you do not claim your gift within the day, the code will be gifted to the next person on the list.

Live Sketching

I will post the Launch Party Page a day in advance. In the comments, I will write: “Live Sketching 01 Request.” If you are quick enough you can reply to this comment with a sketching request. On the day of the event beginning from 10:15 am to 11 am, I will take 45 min (or less) to sketch out your request (I need 15 minutes to check in with the party guests and share the artwork online). Each hour I will post a new Live Sketching Request comment, I will sketch what the first person to reply says. The theme of this event is The Phantom of the Opera. Requests relating to other subjects will be ignored. Though, if you come up with something I love, I may consider your offer if there are no other requests relating to the theme.

Phantom Sketchbook Sample

I’ll have 45 min to create a sketch of your choice. Vote on traditional or digital sketching in the comments.

Currently, we are voting on the Traditional or Digital option. If Traditional wins, I may not be able to record myself sketching live throughout the day, but I will be taking progress pictures that I will share online. If Digital wins, I will record my progress with Camtasia and will make it available online — raw, uncut and unedited. If the program dies on me (it happened before), I’ll post whatever has been saved. You can cast your vote in the comments by writing “traditional” or “digital”. If you are on the following platforms, you can also cast your vote on the Facebook Event Page and on my Deviant Art Poll.

Live Sketching Requests Timeline: This is the time you should be refreshing the webpage, so you can be the first to make your request the moment the comment is posted. You cannot make a request twice. If you do not reply to the comment “Live Sketching (01 – 08) Request” and just post a random comment, your request will be ignored.

01 the day before
02 at 10:15 am
03 at 11:15 am
04 at 12:15 pm
1 pm to 2 pm Lunch
05 at 2:15 pm (this is when I begin sketching request 04)
06 at 3:15 pm
07 at 4:15 pm
08 at 5:15 pm

On the day of the event the guests have one hour to make a request. If no one posts a response by the time I post the following request. I will flip through my copy of The Phantom of the Opera novel and will sketch a random scene.

Q and A

I will be at my computer from 10 am – 1 pm and 2 pm – 8 pm. During that time, feel free to ask me any questions you like. If I’m not busy sketching I will respond immediately. If I am busy, I will respond to your question ASAP.

Special Requests

How can I make my own Kindle Sketchbook for sale?

I’ll answer this question.

Can you sing something from “The Phantom of the Opera” the Musical?

I knew that writing I was a singer in my biography will come to bite me in the…

I’m not a trained singer, but yes, I can sing. However, my voice has not returned since my last bout of flu in December 2016. The high-high notes are just gone. I have been losing my voice to colds and flus so frequently in the past few years that I’ve quit the choir practice.

I did manage to record myself singing a phrase from the musical, and I will share it on the day of the event, then I’ll remove it never to be heard again.

If you have any other questions or special requests, you can post them in the comments, and I’ll try to answer them to the best of my ability.

Looking forward to seeing you at the event!


*The Artist’s Edition allows you to download all the artwork from the book in a high enough resolution you can print at home.