Welcome 2017! New Projects, New Artwork, More Fun!

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I have so many exciting plans for 2017 that I do not know where to begin… Well, actually I do; I need to finish the projects I began in 2016.I do not know if you’ve noticed, but I get sick a lot. On average I get sick 11 times each year! At the end of 2016 I have been sick almost all of November and half of December. Crazy! I know! Consequently, I’m a bit behind in my projects.

However, 2017 has arrived, I’m healthy and ready to draw, write, publish… The only thing I cannot yet do is: sing. My voice has not returned after my last bout of flu. The high-notes are just gone.

I’m sorry for neglecting this blog. I have been active on other blogs and social sites, but for some reason, this blog — my home base, my favourite blog — slipped through the cracks. If like me, you have not visited artofmili.ca in a while, you may notice that the site has been updated. This past week, I have been doing some New Year’s Cleaning in preparation of moving forward with 2017 projects.

So, what have you missed.

Commissions and Portraits

I may be able to create some commissioned artwork in 2017. Do you need an avatar, an original book cover, a portrait… For more information, check out the new Commissions Page (UPDATE: Nov 2019 — Commissions Page is no longer available, just select Illustrations or Portraits instead, or visit Mili Fay Art on Etsy). If you are interested in Portraits, see here. Because I’m so busy with my own work, the time to contact me for commissions is now.

WofV eBook and Kindle Templates for Text-Based Books

Warriors of Virtue eBook and Kindle Templates for Text-Based Books.

Finally! A way for authors and publishers to create eBooks and Kindle Books just by copying and pasting their work.

If you’ve followed my career, you know how much I struggled to figure out how to publish digital books. Eventually, I went back to school and excelled at University of Ryerson’s Digital Publishing and Design Course. The knowledge I gained, I used to publish my fantasy series Warriors of Virtue. To help other authors and publishers save time and money, I’ve made these templates, along with a user guide and a couple of checklists, available for sale on Gumroad. You can find out more about the templates here.

The Phantom of the Opera Inktober 2016 Sketchbook

The Phantom of the Opera Inktober 2016 Sketchbook Launch Party Invitation.

I had so much fun sketching my first Inktober Challenge that I decided to do more sketching in the future and to publish my fist Kindle Sketchbook. Find out more about this sketchbook here. I’m planning a fabulous Book Launch Party on Saturday, February 4th, 2017. The Party will take place here, on this blog; mark your calendar and join me for a day of fun, free artwork, books, and games! Now, take a minute, save the above image, and share this even with any other Phantom or Mili Fay Art fans. Thanks!

Warriors of Virtue Epic YA Fantasy Series

Warriors of Virtue Epic YA Fantasy Series Episode 4 should be released February 1, 2017 (Text Edition) and February 15, 2017 (Artist’s Edition).

Princess Sketches and Sketchbook Series, a tribute to Maria Pascual and Walt Disney

A sample of Maria Pascual's artwork.

Maria Pascual has been my favourite illustrator since I was a little girl. This image is from the cover of “Tales of Alhambra” by Washington Irving. I loved this book so much! I lent it, and my friends lost it when they moved to their new home.

Warriors of Virtue Epic YA Fantasy Series will continue to be my major writing project for 2017. However, my major artwork project will be: Princesses. I began my drawing career with Disney’s Aurora and a cast of fairytale and mythology characters. For 2017 I’ve decided to get back to my roots. I intend to create a series of sketchbooks and original traditional artwork featuring Princesses. To narrow down my focus, I’ve decided to recreate Disney Princesses/Leading Ladies in a style inspired by Maria Pascual — the two major artwork influences of my youth. If you wish to be involved with this project and to win some Mili Fay Art Princess swag, follow me on social media. Because of the upcoming movie, the first princess I’ll tackle is Belle, from “Beauty and the Beast.”

Please note, FANtasy Character Designs, and Mini-MEs have been put on a creative hold indefinitely. I may get back to these projects in the future, but for now, I wish to work on the projects mentioned above.

Since this is a brand-new year, if there is something you would like to see from Mili Fay Art in 2017, let me know in the comments.

Until next time…