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Artist’s Statement

In life you can either be a force for good, a force for evil, or you can do nothing. I choose to be a force for good. Everything I am and all that I do is with the intention of making someone’s life a little bit brighter and better. My mission is to instill hope through entertainment and education. I sincerely believe that humanity is capable of achieving greatness and peace. Therefore, every piece of art I create, whether a book, a painting, an illustration, or a Social Media post, is guided by the vision of supporting the world one artwork at a time.


“Mili has a gift. She can take a blank page and turn it into magic.”
Mark Thurman | Author/Illustrator

“Mili Fay’s work is as boundless as her imagination. The way she brings her inner worlds to life is both charming and heartfelt.”
Daniella (Dany) Demysh | Posing Supervisor/ Character Designer

“★★★★★ The Photos don’t do her artwork justice! The art arrived very fast & is STUNNING!! Top notch artist!!😁♥🎨”
Etsy Customer 2019



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