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Aleksandar with Vuk and Milos representing Serbia for Cubebrush Art War 5

Ancient ocean scene from Darcy Little Badger’s novel, Elatsoe
Original Artwork © 2021 Mili Fay Art | 12 x16 Digital painting in Procreate on iPad Pro 2020.

Statement & Quick Links

As an animator turned freelance author/illustrator, I adapt my style to suit my audience’s needs. My favorite jobs are the ones involving complex and detailed illustrations featuring strong characters. I live for diversity and I love a challenge. If you think an illustration project is impossible, contact me!

The mediums I work in are watercolor, pencil crayon, and ink for lighter, brighter illustrations, and digital painting (Photoshop CC or Clip Studio Paint Pro on a Cintiq Companion) for darker, more realistic, more painterly illustrations.

I love researching, and drawing upon different cultures for inspiration. I can illustrate anything! If I had to pick something I do not enjoy drawing… Machines and uninspired architecture (Bauhaus).

The images are organized roughly by project, from the most recent created for an older audience, towards the ones meant for children.


Quick Links:

Young Adult

Aleksandar with Vuk and Miloš representing Serbia for Cubebrush’s Art War 5

Artwork © 2021 – 2016 Mili Fay Art. All rights reserved.

Watercolor & Ink

Every Girl Is A Princess 5: Megara

Every Girl Is a Princess © 2017-2020 Mili Fay Art. MerMay 2017, 2019, 2020 © 2017, 2019, 2020 Mili Fay Art. MythoJuly 2017 © 2017 Mili Fay Art. All rights reserved.

Middle-Grade (Ages 8-12)

Elle Burton Artwork © 2014 Mili Fay Art. Warriors of Virtue © 2016 Mili Fay Art.
Hagrid and Norbert Artwork © 2016 Mili Fay Art. All rights reserved.

Just Dance

Just Dance Concept Illustration Color Test
Just Dance: Ellen In A Wheelchair | Concept Art
Just Dance: Concept Art | Ellen dancing at the school recital with Cookie.
Just Dance: Concept Art | Ellen in a wheelchair. Sad.
Just Dance: Concept Art | Kiki showing Ellen that she could still dance.
Just Dance: At School | Final Sketch and Color Test.
Ellen as a 1-year-old ballerina.
Ellen as a 2-year-old ballerina.
Ellen as a 4-year old ballerina.
Swan Lake Prima Ballerina.
Ellen growing up. | Watercolor Illustration.
Ellen growing up. |Final Sketch and Color Test
Chupko and Cookie perform a wheelchair dance as hope returns to Ellen's heart. | Final Sketch and Color Test
Ballerina en pointe. | Final Sketch and Color Test

Work in progress. Just Dance Artwork © 2020 Mili Fay Art. All rights reserved.

Animals In My Hair

Animals In My Hair © 2013 Mili Fay Art. All rights reserved.

Horsing Around (Ages 0-5)

Horsing Around © 2011 Mili Fay Art. All rights reserved.

Illustration Service

At this time, I only offer Cover Illustration Services. In addition to single or multiple format covers, I’m happy to design a book logo and Social Media posts. The price is determined on a case by case basis and is designed to meet your specific needs. Starting at: US$350.

For a personal quote, contact me using the form below. Please answer the following:

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  2. What is the final format? E-Book? Kindle? Hardcover? Softcover?…
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Cover-Illustration Request

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MFA 2020 SCBWI Illustration Portfolio

This portfolio was created for SCBWI Portfolio Showcase meant for online viewing. You can see it here.

MFA 2019 Illustration Portfolio PDF

This portfolio focuses only on YA and illustrations for older children. You can download the Web PDF from OneDrive.

SCBWI 20thAnnual Winter Conference Porfolio PDF

I am not just an illustrator. I’m an author, animator, and publisher as well. What makes this portfolio different is that I created a book to showcase most of my skills. I have also included the Illustration Interview and Awards and Testimonials Section.

Download the Web PDF of the Portfolio from OneDrive.


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