Is there a moment, a memory, a dream you wish you could relive? In a nutshell, that is my specialty. Beyond copying a photograph, I can illustrate what is in your heart. For example, for a couple’s wedding portrait I painted a memory of how they met. (You can see the portrait here.)

Below you can find more information regarding the four categories I work in, commission status, pricing, as well as the contact form.

Museum Quality Portraits

Acrylic (and sometimes pencil crayon) on canvas or watercolor paper. This is the highest-quality of portraiture on offer. Each portrait is painted in glazes, creating an illusion of life and depth invisible on screen. Size measurements are in inches.

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Once In Paris (2010)

Acrylic and pencil crayon on canvas. Size: 24 x 30.

Roman Emperor Trajan (2012)

Acrylic and pencil crayon on cold-pressed watercolor paper. Created for National Geographic. Size: 9 x 12.

Wise Innocence (2015)

Acrylic and pencil crayon on canvas. Size: 18 x 24.

Flamingo Party (2021)

Acrylic on canvas. Size: 30 x 72. You can see my progress on Instagram (@mili.fay.art) Highlights.

Watercolor Portraits

Other than stained glass, in my experience, no other artist’s paint is as luminous as watercolor. I use only the high-quality, artist’s materials so that (with proper care) these apparently fragile paintings can last lifetimes.

5 x 5 Miniature

A simple watercolor and ink portrait that captures the birth of a baby.

Watercolor Bust

Watercolor and pencil crayon on cold-pressed watercolor paper. Size: 5 x 7.

Storytelling Portrait

In this image I go beyond the photograph, painting this adorable toddler as a favorite character. Watercolor and pencil crayon. Size: 12 x 16.

Art Nouveau Storytelling Portraits

Combining Mucha’s inspirational Art Nouveau style with symbolic storytelling, these portraits go beyond capturing an image. Each painting captures a unique memory.

Simple Background

This portrait is a bust, including simple background elements. Acrylic, watercolor, and ink on Borden & Riley’s Rag Drawing Paper #627. Size: 11 x 14.

Simple Background Landscape

Self-portrait created in 2008 for an art competition. Acrylic, watercolor, and ink on Borden & Riley’s Rag Drawing Paper #627. Size: 14 x 11.

Full Story

Full-figure, multiple-figure, portrait, with a complex background, including a stylized frame, calligraphy, and gold-leaf details. Watercolor, ink and gold leaf on hot-pressed watercolor paper. Size: 12 x 16.

Creative Portraits

If you could be anyone, other than yourself, who would you be?

These watercolor and ink or digital portraits can transform you into any character or creature you wish. I can create an avatar for your website and Social Media, D&D or other role-playing game, or a fun portrait of yourself or your loved one.

Digital & Ink

A full-body portrait drawn traditionally with ink, then colored in Photoshop. Size: 8.5 x 11 up to 17 x 22.

Watercolor & Ink

Watercolor and sepia ink on hot-pressed watercolor paper. Size: 5 x 7.

With Background Elements

This portrait of Morrigan, the crow goddess would not be complete without the birds. Size: 11 x 14.

Full Background

Sometimes a story cannot be told without the background. Light anyone? Size: 6 x 8.


Show your alter ego.

These quick, fun digital paintings cost only US$50. You provide the photo, and I will paint half of your portrait as whoever you wish: a cartoon character, and illustration, or a more realistic portrait set in the time period of your choice.

Mili Fay


Dr. Julia Ogden vs Hélène Joy

Murdoch Mysteries Fan Art.

Thomas Brackenreid vs. Thomas Craig

Murdoch Mysteries Fan Art.

Commission Status

Commissions are closed until further notice. To get on the waiting list please CONTACT ME.


The price of each portrait depends on the size of the finished work, the number of subjects, the complexity of the background elements, and the materials used.

Below is an estimate based on materials used for a portrait containing one subject with background. However, please note that multiple subjects, complex backgrounds, and special materials like gold leaf or expensive, specialized paint will cost extra.

  • Pencil on Paper — US$ 9.00/square inch
  • Watercolor or Acrylic on Paper — US$ 10.00/square inch
  • Acrylic on Canvas — US$ 12.00/square inch
  • NEW! Mili Fay Art’s #ToonMe — US$ 50.00

For a personal quote, please describe what you are looking for in the form below and let me know your budget and deadline.

Portrait Request

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