MerMay2017 Sketchbook

31 Days of Traditional Ink and Marker Sketches

By Mili Fay

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Special Order Hardcover
Mili Fay is happy to customize this sketchbook for die-hard fans and print it in a special hardcover edition with Photobook Canada. The price depends on the printer. For current pricing contact
Sketchbook Details
Under the sea, beneath the surface of the ocean, strange and mysterious creatures dwell. What if these creatures were also merpeople? Using her boundless imagination, Mili Fay introduces you to some of the familiar and some of the most bizarre aquatic species of Earth in a series of creative portraits, prompted by her Instagram Followers during the month of May 2017.

Welcome to the MerMay2017 Sketchbook!

You will discover:

  • Aqua Mermaid
  • Purple Jellyfish Mermaid
  • Seahorse Mermaid
  • Violet Mermaid
  • Yellow Mermaid
  • Sea Otter Mermaid Huntress
  • White Shark Mermaid
  • Siamese Fighting Fish Mermaid Warrior
  • Lionfish Mermaid Queen
  • Hawaiian Bobtail Squid Mermaid
  • Koi Gamer Mermaid
  • Marrus Orthocanna Mermaid
  • Tiger Shark Mermaid
  • Muraena Augusti Mermaid
  • Parrotfish Mermaid
  • Sea Sheep Mermaid Shepherdess
  • Stingray and Starfish Mermaid
  • Anglerfish Merman Warrior
  • Leafy Seadragon Mermaid
  • Giant Mantis Shrimp Warrior Mermaid
  • Goblin Shark Merman Hunter
  • Blue Dragon Nudibranch King
  • Coconut Octopus Mermaid
  • Ocean Sunfish Mermaid
  • Red-Bellied Piranha Pirate Mermaid
  • Red Sea Urchin Mermaid Queen
  • Giant Squid Rococo Mermaid
  • Chinese Alligator Mermaid
  • Clown Frogfish Mermaid
  • Dolphin Merman
  • Orca Mermaid

Artist’s Medium

All 31 original drawings were created traditionally with: a blue Col-Erase Pencil, Pilot G-TEC-C4 black pen, and Pantone TRIA Markers. The drawings were later scanned and digitally perfected.

Kindle Feature

If you double-click, or double tap the date found underneath each mermaid/merman, the information window will pop up.

Kindle vs. Artist's Edition
The only difference between the two is that the Artist’s Edition contains a link which will allow you to download the high-resolution images of the artwork.
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Sketchbook Gallery


Envy — created for MerMay2018. Digital painting featuring a beautiful, leafy seadragon mermaid spied upon by a mysterious merman.

Sketchbook Collection

One Day At A Time! Journal/Day Planner/ Sketchbook for Artists by Mili Fay | Cover Art | © 2020 Mili Fay Art. All rights reserved.
Cornelian’s Cottage One Day At A Time! Journal/Day Planner/ Sketchbook for Artists by Mili Fay | Cover Art | © 2020 Mili Fay Art. All rights reserved.
MerMay2019-2022 Cover Art featuring Mili Fay as Aqua Mermaid wearing traditional dress from Šumadije, Serbia.


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